འདོན་སྤེལ། ༢༠༡༣/༠༨/༠༩
Date: 6th August 2013


Providing education and various social services to the community is the main objective of LHA Charitable Trust. LHA would like to announce the vacancy for the post of the Programme Manager at Dharamsala and invites applications from interested candidates having relevant qualifications.


1. Post Title: Programme Manager
2. Key responsibility: Planning, Management, Networking and Execution of diverse social programmes and projects.
3. Status: Full time LHA staff after one year’s successful probation period.
4. Selection procedures: 1. Scrutiny of application & résumés; 2. Call for written & public speaking tests; 3. Call for personal interviews

5.  Last date for submission of application & résumé: 10th September 2013

6. Minimum qualifications:

 a.  Bachelor and equivalent degree
 b.  Basic computer skills
 c.  Applicant must be above 25 and under 40 years of age
 d.  Excellent interpersonal communication skills
 e.  Proof of good working knowledge in both English and Tibetan

7. Desired qualifications:

 a. Relevant work experience references vis-à-vis key responsibility
 b. Mass Communication, Public Relations & Management courses
 c. Advanced Computer skills
 d. Recently Arrived Tibetan whose family still in Tibet
 e. Experience of Public Speaking
f. Translation skills between Tibetan/English

8. Salary and Benefits:

 a. Salary negotiable against candidate’s experience and qualifications
 b. Other benefits in par with the regular staff.

Contact and send applications with résumés to:

Ngawang  Rabgyal (Director)
Mobile No:  9816689222 Email: [email protected]
LHA will contact the qualified candidates for further document submission.




ཤོག་ངོས་འདི་ཐེངས་ ༢༢༠༨ ལ་བཀླགས་འདུག